A Call to Pray

The Ten Days of Prayer initiative (formerly called Operation Global Rain) was adopted by the world church in 2010. Churches in over a hundred countries have received rich blessings through Ten Days of Prayer. Reports from 2012 are most encouraging! "God is faithful! The Ten Days experience can’t be quantified. Hearts were surrendered, souls were convicted, and requests for prayer were answered. To God be the glory!" —Veta, Nigeria

"On the 10th day one young person who had not been to church for years walked in and testified that they wanted to give their life to Jesus. And he has been coming to church every week since.”—Arnold

"We prayed for members who left to return. The week of Global Rain we challenged every active member to sign up to pray for three or four members in our church. This past Sabbath, we had seven members return to church." —Lisa, New Mexico, USA

"We have never experienced so much spiritual growth and so many answers to prayer in any past event. The daily leader and participant instructions have been WONDERFUL guides to experiencing a revival. The drops of rain are beginning to fall." —Bill, Rhode Island, USA

"The Ten Days of Prayer revived the mid-week and Friday prayer meetings which no longer existed in my church. This 10-day session taught us that the power rests in prayer and brought unity amongst church members and a zeal to work for the Lord." —Luvuyo, South Africa

"We concluded the 10 Days of Prayer with a foot washing and the Lord’s Supper on the second Sabbath. We fasted and went out for visitation after divine service. As a result, three non- Adventists who came to the meeting have started taking Bible Studies. The 10 Days of Prayer has changed the lives of the church members, and I believe that it will have an impact in their families and church." —Kelera, Fiji


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Praying for Rain

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Ten Days in the Upper Room

Welcome to an incredible spiritual journey! Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth in spite of such overwhelming odds? Why were they so different after Pentecost? In this book, you will revisit the Upper Room and specifically study the preparation necessary to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 10 Days in the Upper Room is divided into three distinct sections: Examining Inspiration, Reflecting on Inspiration, and Applying Inspiration. You will examine the disciples heartfelt preparation, reflect on the writings of the Bible and Ellen White, interact with inspiration as you complete the workbook sections, and you will discover ways to apply these principles in your life. Elder Finley’s prayer is, “May God empower you to be a mighty witness for Him at this decisive moment of earth’s history.”

Revival and Reformation

Want more resources for revival in your church, in your home, in your life? Visit the Revival and Reformation website!

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